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Brick and Stone Cleaning

The heavy build-up of old coatings is extremely detrimental to the fabric of most building facades, as they trap moisture and cause the brick or stone to decay very rapidly.

We can remove most coatings using a variety of different processes from high temperature steam on its own, or coupled with disruptive chemicals, and slow acting poultices.

All our men are trained in the use of this specialist equipment and we use both the DOFF and the Thermotec systems, which use super-heated steam to break down coatings and peel them off the building fabric.

Multiple layers of paint can carefully be stripped back without damaging the substrate using the Thermotec Steam Removal system.

Our independent machinery runs from the back of our trucks and we can operate without mains water and electrical power. This means we can react rapidly to call outs to remove graffiti or attend spillages without needing on site facilities.

Combined skills of over 100 years!

Based in Chingford E4 and covering London and the home counties Capital Stone Renovation have combined skills of over 100 years providing workmanship for an impressive range of architectural contracts and individual projects, tailored with our more standardised products which can be purchased ‘off the shelf’.

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