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Cast stone is an architectural precast concrete building product manufactured to simulate natural-cut stone. It is the most aesthetically refined form of concrete known today. Cast stone is used as a masonry product to provide architectural trim and ornamentation on buildings and other structures.

Anywhere where natural stone would be used. Cast stone is normally less expensive and more easily created.

Our standard colours are Portland stone (off white), Bath stone (creamy yellow), York (Brown) and Grey York (Flat mid grey).

Yes. Our mould manufacture foreman has over 30 years of experience in the cast stone industry. Because moulds are the most critical element to manufacturing quality cast stone products, we invest considerable time into making quality moulds. In our mould making workshop, we manufacture all of our own moulds from a variety of materials, including, timber, plaster, rubber, clay, and fiberglass.

The cost of cast stone varies from piece to piece. The size, complexity, coverage, materials, design can also have an impact on the cost. If the piece has to be customized that too will have an impact on the cost. As a general rule cast stone is about 50% of the cost of natural stone

We have our standard range of pier caps and copings in stock and can be collected from our yard immediately or delivered within a few working days.

Depending on the complexity of the unit and whether we have standard moulds, delivery would normally be four to five weeks from receipt of final instructions/order. This time scale is necessary to enable the units to be fully cured prior to delivery.

Our ‘in-house’ mould makers can reproduce to your design should our standard mouldings not be suitable, this would be at an extra cost and may increase the delivery period by a week or two

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Yes, our cast stone conforms to BS 1217 and is fully waterproof with a waterproofing agent being incorporated in each mix. The earliest known use of cast stone is around 2000 years old and still standing today.

Ask for a free on-site survey and we will provide you with a written quotation including a programme of works and guaranteed delivery dates.

We will gladly make custom cast stone pieces to your specifications. Please contact us to submit your custom cast stone requests.

Yes using the correct cutting discs it can be easily cut to lengths.

Most standard fixings can be used but please feel free to contact us for any technical advice required.

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